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Blue Moon House

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I read my first erotica novella when I was sixteen, when I foolishly brought it to school with me. I prayed none of my fellow A.P. English Literature students would see it peeking out my from my safety pin –decorated messenger bag. Luckily, nobody did. My secret remained safe awhile longer, until my brother found it. Giggling ensued, but soon he was shocked when he realized this was not regular sex. Oh, no. This was BDSM. He officially declared his sister even more of a freak. I shrugged, and knew he wouldn’t say anything about it.

I’ve read several of Angelica Dawson’s erotic novellas, and have followed along with the Blue Moon House series, albeit fairly out of order. This first book, however, proved to be a bit disjointed to me. The story revolves around Julia, a human woman who has never really been able to figure out her own self-identity or a place where she truly belonged. When she finds The Blue Moon House, it seems as though all of her questions are about to be answered.

The Blue Moon house is run and maintained by a group of vampires – the Masters – with insatiable sexual cravings. They are reknowned world over, and being their submissive is considered to be a position greatly sought after. When Julia comes sniffing around, seeking answers to the cravings heating the spot between her thighs, she is invited to participate in the initiation process of the Blue Moon House. The fine print? Julia must submit to each of the Masters that reside in the House, regardless of what her particular preferences are.

I am far from prudish, but the first half of the book was WAY out of my comfort zone. I like consent in my erotica, and the forced interaction was not really one of consent. However, it did illustrate author Angelica Dawson’s ability to expertly write a wide variety of sexual practices and kinks. If you like the graphic and darker side - one in which consent lines are very much blurred, or even non existent – then this would be right up your alley.

While the beginning was a problem for me, I the second half of the novella was far more enjoyable. Dawson crafts an intriguing store, one in which the reader becomes greatly emotionally engaged in. I wanted to see how Julia would fare, and was increasingly interested in how the process of her joining the House would turn out. Unfortunately, the ending is quite abrupt, even knowing there are sequels which follow. Additionally, the lack of history about the vampires and their individual backstories would have made for a more interesting first book. Even when touched upon in the sequels, this would have been the perfect spot to really give us readers a glimpse of what makes them tick, and what really makes up the household.

Still, in The Blue moon House, there is glamour, eroticism, intrigue, and decidedly unapologetic female characters that, in some regards, were a bit empowering to read. Julia continues to gain her own identity and strength, even as she submits unto them. In reality, though, one wonders who holds the real power in that business deal. Everyone wants and demands fulfilling sexual experiences that soar into the stratosphere. . .and they certainly seem to get it. If you take your erotica more on the dark side, this belongs on your bookshelf.

4 out of 5 stars --Post on behalf of A.P. Bullard of Triskele Reviews
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