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Blue Moon House

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I had the pleasure of reading this book in one of it's earliest forms and I was more than pleased when I heard it was contracted by Naughty Nights Press. If you like kink and vampires, this book is definitely for you. Blue Moon House takes BDSM to some of its deepest levels. This is not a cutesy little spanking book. It is sexy, dark, and downright dirty. Heck, I'm a seasoned reader and parts of this book made me blush. I love it when a book can elicit that kind of response from me.

I've heard on good authority, and I'm hoping it remains true, that there will be sequels to this book highlighting other characters. If so, I can't wait to read them as I really felt like each had their own past steeped in a mystery that I was just dying to uncover. Not only that, but I loved the fact that though the heroine was a submissive, she wasn't some whiny little quivering thing. The woman had strength! I seriously recommend this book to those into the BDSM genre or those looking to expose themselves to some hardcore kink. This book is totally a Must Read Monday!
Date Added: 04/29/2013 by Deadra Krieger
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