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The Fights Of Summer by Abby Hayes

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Love triangles can be tricky things on their own but, throw in some cage fighting, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some intense, erotic drama. Abby Hayes’ erotic novella, The Fights of Summer, gives the reader a closer look at such dynamics.

James is a middle-class university student in a relationship with two other guys, Carl and Dane. They are students, too, but they are also MMA fighters – an extracurricular activity James just really does not understand the appeal of. He is a pacifist, and dreads the fight nights when he has to watch one, or even both, of lovers get beaten in a cage match. Granted, the intensity of celebratory sex after a win is almost worth it all. Until one of his lovers becomes seriously injured, that is.

Hayes does an incredible job of portraying the world of MMA fighters, something that I was really pleased to see in an erotic romance. I have never come across such a plotline, and I was definitely not disappointed in the way she depicted the fights and drew up the characterization of the characters. The tension of James wanting to be supportive of his lovers, but not being able to fathom why they want to keep fighting, was thick and emotionally-engaging.

While the story has many intriguing facets to it, but it seemed as though Hayes didn’t quite accomplish what she was setting out to do. The conflict was never really satisfied, and the imagery – including the erotic scenes – were not as vivid as they could be. They were definitely hot, but they lacked logical progression at points. As a result, they ended up being too disjointed to fully get into the moment as a reader. I have read only one previous work of Hayes, Dream Job, and that was definitely engaging. I think she may have just lacked the erotic focus on this one.

Still, the sex in The Fights of Summer is rough, sweaty, and full of muscular testosterone. One thing Hayes is great at is writing ménage a trois scenes. The men in this particular tryst switch off in terms of dominance, and it’s some intense, sofas-overturned, rough sex that guarantees you will have more than a couple bruises the next morning. It’s hot, it’s steamy, and I definitely liked it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.
Date Added: 03/11/2015 by Alexia Bullard
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