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Blue Moon House: Slave


**Received a complimentary ARC from author in exchange for an honest book review**


How does a slave become an equal? What does it take for a young man to see women in a new light?

Will has no interest in women. He thinks them all animals to be trained, beaten. It doesn’t take him long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong his view toward women is. Before long, he is able to separate the way he treats women, which is still horrific, from the way he regards women, as fellow human beings.


I first came across Angelica Dawson’s writing through her blog, which I somehow managed to stumble upon. I’m not entirely sure how, but I am glad I did. I commented on the cover real for this novella, which put me in contact with the author. When she asked if I wanted to read and review this, I was thrilled. Based on the blurb, it sounds as though Will will (haha) be taught a lesson in regards to the fact that his misogynistic ways are wrong and cruel. I was curious to see how that would play out, and how that lesson would be implemented. Keep in mind, I had not read any of her previous works.

That being said, when I first started reading, I was shocked. I could not tell if the racist undertones were part of their “play”, or if they genuinely felt that way. However, the more I read, the more I understood. There is a group of fetishists who enjoy the racism aspect, and incorporate it into their BDSM play. That seemed to be what this was. The more Will showed his hatred of women, the more he was corrected for it. As illustration of this, I refer to the fact that he gets slapped by the head female for his mistreatment of women. That was pleasing, to say the least.

As the story goes on, Will is corrected in his ways. The writing is incredibly fascinating, and draws the reader in from the start. The plot could not be further from predictable if she tried. Just when I think I know where it’s going, the whole thing takes a crazy turn. It was intriguing to see how everything with Will played out, and how they were going to instill a nonviolent temperament in him.

Each character stands out on its own, and is clearly well-rounded and well-planned. I loved Will’s passion for books, as it mirrors my own. It’s always fun to have a main character who shares my love for books. The mutual respect between vampires and slave is obvious and, while Will wishes to remain ignorant of the goings on, there is an evident sense of curiosity. Trust me, reader, this will match your own.

Oh, and those scenes?? They fogged my glasses, and made me blush. I was bright red, and that is hard to make me do. It also isn’t all that flattering, considering I’m a natural ginger.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. It was incredibly engaging, and I was really curious about how it would all play out. I do feel this could trigger some people, though, so I suggest you read some teasers on her blog before you purchase.

Slave is available for pre-order on Amazon for just $0.99. Can’t go wrong with that!

Book Review by A. P. Bullard
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