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Forbidden by Kiki Howell

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If you met your soul mate while at work, would you break the rules to be with them? What if doing so meant losing your job?

***Received complimentary ARC from publisher in exchange for honest review***

Predictability and security can be a good thing in life. It offers the comfort of knowing that nothing big will shake up your life’s paradigm, and everything will be just as you have known it for years. Sometimes, though, it’s good to take a chance. You never know – you could meet your soul mate. This is one concept Kiki Howell’s Forbidden perfectly encapsulates.

Samantha has always been the adventurous type, but she does has a strict personal policy of adhering to the rules. As a Yoga instructor and physical trainer aboard a cruise ship, she has so far managed to be too tempted into the breaking the rule of not having relationships with guests. This temptation becomes too much, though, when she meets the wealthy video game designer, James Alexander Whitmore III. Tall, broody, dark, and blessed with a rock-hard, tattooed body, he was almost more than she could handle.

Not only is there an undeniable attraction between them, but there is something else, too. Their personalities complement one another in a way neither of them had ever known with anyone else. As the sexual tension and chemistry grows between them, will Samantha be able to maintain her “never break the rules” policy?

As a fellow gamer and proud nerd/geek, I was immediately drawn to James, or “Jaws”, as he is usually called. The reader does not have to be a geek to fall head over heels for this brooding, beyond handsome Adonis. The romance that flourishes between them is swoon-worthy, and the narrative is far too good to not read all in one setting. I didn’t want to put it down! If there is one thing Kiki Howell knows how to do, it’s write a romance that is the perfect blend of erotic sensuality and passionate romance.

Your breath will catch, your face will flush. You will swoon, you will sigh. In the end, you will read the final word with a smile on your face. That’s how you know it’s a great romance.

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