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Blue Moon House: Gentleman


** Received complimentary copy from Author in exchange for an honest book review**

In this third installment of the Blue Moon House series, Angelica Dawson takes Gentleman, to a whole new level. Following the story of Harrold, we get a deeper sense of the Blue Moon House and the unique reasons that brought them all together. BDSM is not inherently dark, but Dawson intricately weaves a tapestry of Harrold’s life, along with its dark parts, in a way that makes this the darkest installment to date. However, there is nothing boring about getting to understand why Harrold desires the things he does. The psychology behind his desires make for an incredibly well – written subplot that leaves the reader wanting more.

The subjects focused on throughout this novella are all described with a depth and psychological understanding that makes Gentlemen more than your regular run-of-the-mill erotic novella. Instead, we get a close perspective of one man’s struggle to find himself and his sensual self-identity in a historical time period that shuns such things.

Craving is a good way to describe the general feeling of Gentleman. The entire story, and its cast of sensuous characters, seem to live in a world of their own – one that Harrold craves more than anything. As the narrative deepens, the reader gets a sense of craving that mirrors the characters’ own. Dawson writes with her own unique and compelling voice, one whose rich narrative echoes in your mind. . .and other parts. . .long after you have read the very last word.

There is no doubt that novella earns five out of five stars. This series is a hardcore erotica, and covers all the subjects one might expect from such a label. You have been warned. It’s always good to step outside of your boundaries, though. Place your trust in Dawson, and let her take you on a journey within the Blue Moon House. It’s a visit you will never forget.

Book Review by A. P. Bullard
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