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Lust Of The Vampires by J.S. Morbius


I ashamedly admit that this is my first time reading something by J.S. Morbius, with the exception of blog posts. Can I just start by saying that, if you haven’t read anything by him yet, either, this is a fantastic introduction to his writing. Each story in this anthology is a hot little tease, and despite only being short stories, JS manages a lot of detail of scenes and characters that truly build quickly but aren’t too fast-paced.
Out of the four tales, I’d have to say that Trent’s Story is my favourite. The fear of the hunters, the anger at his loss and his burning desire for revenge are palpable, and I easily empathized with him. The other three stories were fantastic as well, but Trent’s stood out for me, personally.
Although there were a couple minute editorial niggles, they were just that: minute niggles. The pull of the writing was much stronger, and they were nothing more than momentary concerns that passed very quickly. Overall, Lust of the Vampires is a brilliant place to start for a reader new to JS Morbius. I’m even more eager to read more by this author. A great read for anyone after some quick reads before bed for wicked dreams of deliciousness.
Date Added: 11/27/2014 by Casey Kerwitz
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