Campus Sexploits 4: Foreign Exchange Students Anthology

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Campus Sexploits 4: Foreign Exchange Students is the fourth book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth.

Four naughty, college/university-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses and give readers a taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave: worlds of incredible, earth-shattering sexual freedom involving college or university students and the kinky antics they participate in.
Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into…

And this one has a sexy language barrier to overcome!

What will our foreign exchange students do to get their point across?
How far will they go to tease and please the one they want without using words?
What could one understand better than the universal language of the body?

Liz Adams – “College Sex with a Foreign Exchange Student, the Universal Language”

Knowing that your fantasies defined you, what would you do if they were too kinky for comfort? After Liz breaks up with her boyfriend, Liz’s roommate Laura tries setting her up with a French foreign exchange student, Renard. When Liz meets him she falls under his spell and, being a freelance model, is intrigued by his love of film. He says film is the universal language and can capture all the senses. When Liz points out film cannot capture smell and taste, he insists on proving it by capturing her taste on camera in his dorm room. She tingles at the challenge and accepts, never suspecting his recorded oral interview would open doors to sexual desires she denied all her life.

Delena Silverfox – “How Do You Say ‘All Over Me’ en Español?”

Yolanda’s a teaching assistant at a prominent East Coast university, as far away from her embarrassing Mexican, Southern Californian family as she can get. Here, she has a chance to bury her roots and redefine herself. When the gorgeous and irresistible Eliseo comes into her class from the Study Abroad program, his Guatemalan features and sweet nothings whispered in Spanish get her Latina blood boiling like never before. She can’t risk her job flirting with the students, but Eliseo is relentless and taps into her homesickness, long denied.
Can she resist this serious breach of protocol?
Will she let Eliseo teach her the passion and beauty in her heritage she never realized was there?

J.D. Morgan – “Dorm Life”

An unexpected same sex experience in the Campus bar leaves Ginny feeling somewhat shocked at her obvious enjoyment of the encounter, and hell bent on finding the mystery woman who ran off before Ginny even knew her name. Unable to focus on her studies with the obsession of this woman, Ginny literally runs smack into the object of her thoughts and an intriguing new discovery of bisexuality.
Her new friend from Greece can’t speak a word of English but it doesn’t prevent the two from communicating exactly what they need as they continue an exotic exploration of each other. Who needs words when actions can say so much?

Daddy Xmas – “Tenters”

Once upon a time there was a couple that lived in a small college town. Bisexual Amanda inadvertently introduces her hubby to her brand of kink when arriving home early one day he finds his wife cavorting under a spread with an old college roomie. He joins them.
The couple hits upon the idea of soliciting coeds to sleep under their covers, claiming they expect no sex, just warmth. Amanda and her husband know how overwhelming it is under the blankets. The coeds have no idea at first how powerful desire can be “under cover.”
After agonizing over the implications of posting such a bizarre ad, they take the leap. The post turns out to be quite successful and the concept of “Tenting” is born.
To the couple's surprise, Tenting grows into a secret societal practice in one particular dorm at the school.

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