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The Cabin


In this hard-core BDSM novelette, Victor and his slave experience the thrill of finally being alone to do as they wish.

The happy couple is tired of having to put their Dom/slave relationship on hold to go about their daily lives.

For one glorious weekend, that is all about to change. 

Victor makes the necessary arrangements to take his slave to the family's quaint, isolated mountain cabin to train her to submit properly.  Helena could not be more thrilled!



Excerpt from The Cabin


Thirty miles away and down the mountain, Victor and Helena were bagging the groceries theyd purchased at the general store.  It was the last store, or building of any kind for that matter, up until the cabin out in the wilderness of the mountain.  Smiling and saying thank you to the old man at the counter, they made their way outside and over to the rented SUV Victor had parked in the far corner of the lot.

He unlocked the back hatch and they loaded the groceries and supplies inside.  Victor noticed that there was still plenty of room in the back, even with their luggage and the groceries.  This gave him an idea.


Looking around Victor noticed that the parking lot created a break in the trees, allowing for a view of the setting sun.  He admired the luscious, vibrant colors as he stepped in front of the SUV, leaving the hatch at the back of the truck open.


“Helena, come look at the sunset.”

Helena obediently came around the side of the vehicle to stand at his side.  She stood to his right as she took in the quickly changing colors of the horizon, going from burnt orange to deep red, and then further into purple twilight.


The SUV blocked them from the front of the store.  He watched her, allowing her to watch the colorful display just a little longer before pulling the small length of rope from his pocket and stepping behind her as he wrapped it around her throat.  Victor was firm but did not pull hard, though Helena knew just what was around her throat nonetheless.  She made no mistake about it, her Master was done playing nice for the locals, and there would be no more pretending that they were a normal couple on a romantic getaway.  What they had in mind was romantic to them, but they were far from being a “normal couple.”




Release Date: July 01, 2011


ISBN: 978-0-9876894-0-5

Erotic Fiction/BDSM

Heat Level 5+


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About the Author



Nathanial Bosch was born in the Midwest and grew up next to the Atlantic
Ocean in Virginia.  He served in the armed forces and currently studies at
University.  Bosch draws his realistic portrayals of BDSM from his own
experiences in the lifestyle.







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